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Griffithsin (GRFT) Fast-Dissolving Insert (FDI)

The Griffithsin (GRFT) fast-dissolving insert (FDI) is developed by Population Council. This fast-dissolving vaginal insert is an on-demand HIV prevention product for women and girls, including pregnant and breastfeeding women, designed for over-the-counter distribution as a non-antiretroviral option. Manufacturable in low- and middle-income countries, the safe, discreet, user-controlled, and portable fast-dissolving insert has activity against HIV, HSV-2, and HPV, and may be suitable for over-the-counter distribution. Building on favorable outcomes in animal models and with a new supply of GRFT in-hand, the GRFT FDI will be advanced through a new program of stability testing.

For more information, contact: Stephanie Ecker at

Development Stage:




Delivery Route & Method:

Topical - Fast Dissolving Insert/Capsule-Vaginal


  • Population Council


  • U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)

Active Ingredient(s):

  • Unspecified

Product Indication(s):

  • HIV
  • HPV
  • HSV-1
  • HSV-2

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