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Dolutegravir + Rilpivirine + Acyclovir + Ethinyl Estradiol + Etonogestrel IVR

This IVR utilizes Auritec’s proprietary Versa™ technology that enables simultaneous, sustained release of the antiretrovirals for HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis and for prevention and treatment of herpes and hormonal contraceptives for the prevention of unintended pregnancy. These drugs have been tested in Auritec’s IVR technology in vitro and in vivo. Auritec is now proposing the translation of this work to their pod-based™ IVR technology to utilize an achievable regulatory approach for approval of multipurpose prevention IVRs.

Development Stage:

Preclinical – Advanced (Pre2)



Delivery Route & Method:

Intravaginal - Intravaginal Ring (IVR)

Mechanism of Action:

Auritec’s MPT IVR is being developed to release at levels that would result in clinically relevant plasma concentrations for the contraceptives and exceeds the IC90 levels of the antiretrovirals and the antiviral.


  • Auritec Pharmaceuticals


  • Nat. Institute Allergy & Infect. Diseases (NIAID)

Funding Mechanism:

NIAID: R33, R44

Past Funding:


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