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The IMPT Network of Experts (NoE) is composed of experts working in reproductive health, STI and HIV prevention, product development or another related field. To become a member, individuals must complete an IMPT Membership form and agree to the IMPT Terms of Reference. Members may provide technical and regional expertise, on a limited and ad hoc basis, to the working groups and Steering Committee to address specific questions/issues in support of IMPT's three priority areas: 1) the Scientific Agenda; 2) Communications and Advocacy; 3) Access, Demand and Uptake; and 4) Supporting Agency Coordination. The Network of Experts also serves to expand awareness of MPTs and investment in the IMPT.

Members of the Network of Experts have no set time commitment to the IMPT and are only asked to participate on an ad hoc/as needed basis.


Members of the IMPT Network of Experts:

  1. May be asked to represent the IMPT at external meetings/conferences;
  2. Will participate on occasional conference calls or initiative meetings as needed;
  3. Will incorporate information and messaging about MPTs into their work;
  4. Agree to review documents related to their area of expertise; and
  5. Agree to have their name and affiliation cited as a member of the IMPT Network of Experts.


Members of the IMPT Network of Experts shall have no set period of tenure.

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You can help advance MPT development

Spread the news about life-saving MPTs with your colleagues and networks. Click here to access MPT fact sheets, PowerPoint slides, meeting reports, and other resources.

If you work in reproductive health, product development or another related field, join the IMPT and move the research, policy, funding and education efforts forward to save lives.

Your financial and in-kind support can accelerate MPT education, research and introduction.

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The Initiative for Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (IMPT) is a project of CAMI Health, an organization dedicated to women’s reproductive health and empowerment. CAMI Health is housed at the Public Health Institute (PHI).